For those hunters who wish to stay on the ranch, we offer First Class lodging including all meals. All liquor, beer, wine and soft drinks are included at no extra charge. Please advise if you have any preferences or dietary requirements.

If you prefer to arrange for your own meals and lodging, there is excellent local lodging and restaurant service. Year round RV facilities are available within 2 miles of the Ranch. Information will be provided upon request.


All hunting on the Ranch is strictly “fair chase”. We welcome all hunters and have superb facilities to accommodate handgunners and bow hunters. Families and non-hunting guests are also welcome.

You will be accompanied by one of our experienced guides during your hunt. Your guide will help “get you on” your trophy. He'll provide you with all of the information you'll need to judge the quality of the trophy. Complimentary field dressing and cooler storage of game is also provided.

Big game hunting is our specialty. Whether your desire is exotics or whitetail, we can give you a hunting experience second to none! At Buffalo Creek Ranch we host only one hunting party at a time.  This means that when you hunt with us you will be the only hunters on the ranch.

If you've been looking for a great hunting experience, this is it. Buffalo Creek Ranch can give you a great hunt for great game animals without the hassle! Hunt for African plains game without worrying about killer viruses and political upheaval!

Hunt our rugged hills for Ibex, Aoudad, Markhor and eight species of wild sheep, without having to worry about lotteries and inclement weather! Experience a true “Fair Chase” hunt without having to share the woods with every other hunter.


Contact Buffalo Creek Ranch 

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