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We recommend that you plan to spend at least one full hunting day for each trophy you seek. As in all real hunting, we can make no guarantees about taking trophies. If you do your part, we can guarantee a great hunting experience and a chance to take a record book trophy.

Please be candid about your abilities and desires. We will do everything we can to get you a great trophy and a successful hunt. If you have any preferences (such as hunting from a blind or tree stand, instead of on foot) please let us know. If you have any physical limitations or need any special assistance, this should also be discussed. The more we know about your needs and wishes, the better we can assist you and make your visit with us a memorable one.

Some game animals are more effectively hunted by certain methods. This may mean hunting from a blind or tree stand. Our blinds and tree stands are large and comfortable. They have been constructed and positioned to take full advantage of the terrain and game movement. Blinds are also an excellent means of observing game and make for excellent photo opportunities. We welcome and encourage you to take as many photographs as you like.

The Texas Hill Country has a generally temperate climate, however from November through March we recommend that hunters equip themselves for cold weather. A layered approach, including a medium-weight insulated jacket, gloves and a warm hat is the best bet. Blaze Orange is not required. During the rest of the year, lightweight hunting clothes are fine. Camo is permitted but is not actually required for most hunting.

“Broken-in” hiking boots, binoculars, rifle sling, soft gun case, sunglasses. A Swiss Army knife or Leatherman-type tool is an excellent addition. Eyeglass wearers should bring a spare pair. Don't forget your camera!

Any flat shooting outfit with which you have practiced and sighted-in. It is strongly recommended that each hunter know his rifle as well as possible and that each hunter shoot at least 40-60 rounds of the same ammunition which he will use in the field, before leaving home. The Ranch has excellent sight-in facilities for fine tuning and pre-hunt testing. Rental rifles are available at reasonable daily rates. Ideal calibers include: .270 Win. | .30-06 | .280 | .308 | 7mm-08.  Magnum calibers are not required but are a definite advantage if African game, elk or heavy game are to be hunted. No matter what you intend to hunt, make sure you can accurately place your shots. Bring at least 20 rounds of ammunition per rifle.

There are ​excellent taxidermists in the area, available for trophy mounting or expediting. Information will be provided upon request.

Antlered Game (except Axis) -- August 15-March 15. Axis and all other exotics available year round. Native game is subject to State regulations, which may vary from year to year. Please inquire for specific information.


Hunting licenses are required for both Native Game and Exotics.  If you are a Texas resident, the basic hunting license will cover both types of game.  Non-resident hunting licenses are available for native game and exotics or you may purchase a 5-day, exotics only license.  Please remember that hunting license fees are subject to state regulations and may change from time to time.  

We recommend that you contact the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department at 800-792-1112 or 512-389-4800 and arrange for the purchase of your hunting license prior to your arrival at the Ranch. This will enable you to avoid the delay of purchasing a license upon your arrival in Texas. You may also purchase your license online at